Saturday, October 30, 2010

Clever Re-use of Formals and Prom Dresses

Seeing beautiful, barely worn or worn one time formals and prom dresses, I am taken back to a time when I was younger and thinner and could wear these dresses without thinking twice about the small size.  Guess it’s my own nostalgia at work.  Given that styles change so rapidly, the gowns of yesteryear may or may not work for young women of today.  So what to do with all that beautiful fabric?
     (Note; will soon be adding some of the formals to the Look Again! store.)

Remake into formal holiday skirts for young girls.  Tutorial for how to is here at Squiggly Twigs design blog. 
Her entire blog is nothing but beauty and more beauty.  She has patterns for how to make these beautiful creations available for sale on her blog.  It's worth the visit.