Sunday, August 1, 2010

Opening the online store

It's a popular thing to do these days - have an online e-Store to sell items that you might once have sold at the Big Auction place (you know the one!).   I recall when the bay was first getting it's start as a novel idea for using the web to bring sellers and buyers together across the continents.  I even knew some people who made a feasible if not good living income from doing exactly what they were doing in offering products for auction at the big bay.    Time moved on and power sellers with stores showed up at the bay and the unique novelty began to wear thin, although most people know almost instantly about the bay when it is mentioned, ie, the image on a cheese sandwich.

While I did purchase some items in the early days of the bay,  and thought how fun it would be to sell items, the idea never really sprouted wings for me as it did for so many others.   Now that we are moving into those later years at the end of life time careers, there is time to contemplate, time to reflect, and time to generate some fun new activities that formerly yielded to the busy-ness of career, family and home.   I ventured into a familiar venue as an independent representative of a well known company shifting gears to move into the 21st century.  Now I want to see what I can do with one of my all time favorite hobbies - finding those treasures that hold no logic except, well, just because - sentimental - nostalgic - memories - it meant something to someone - the craftsmanship - the artistry - you don't find them like that anymore - do you remember - I had one of these once when I was a child - my mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin had one of these - and all the other special expressions you find yourself saying or hearing others say when you encounter that unique treasure find!

Enjoy my finds, and tell me about yours.  Treasure hunters, treasure finders are a kindred spirit, not limited to age or generation, just the joy of the find.  No matter your age, there is a past, a present, and a future for you that will become someone else's past -- it is the circle of life!   My years as young woman, wife, mother and career person took place in the 1970's.   I thought I was so happy to see that era pass and would never have to look back at the styles, decor, colors, themes, motifs again.  Now I see younger people all around me looking at that era as 'the past', 'retro', 'vintage', indie-cool and I am revisiting a time I thought was put to rest with renewed interest.  Those owls, the macrame, the long dresses, the browns, oranges, greens....

While I am thrilled to find treasures dating considerably earlier than the 1970's, because it is representative of my 'past', it is intriguing to find a younger set seeing my time/generation as their 'past'.  I love it, don't you?

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